Privacy Policy

By using our services you will sometimes be forced to provide private information about yourself. In the following we will declare what data we will collect, what we are allowed to do with it and exactly how we use that data. Last thing to say is: We hate all those expertised gobbledygook. Thats why all written is easy to understand, so you wont even need a lawyer to understand it. So take a seat and enjoy reading our Privacy Policies

Abridged Version:

We are allowed to:
  • store the information you give us
  • use those information for all of our services
  • use all information to create statistics
  • create ads with that data
  • send advertisement mails
  • maintain, edit and delete data
  • block accounts, IPs and devices from using our services without giving a reason
We are not allowed to:
  • make data available for everyone
  • give records to other companies or people without your personal permission
  • have a look at your data without a valid reason
  • use information to harm someone from personal reasons

Detailed Version

According to our ever-growing range of Features on all of our Applications there are many ways to collect data. And there are many points at which you must provide your personal information in order to find out an optimal use of our services and to use the entire range of features we can offer. And that is also the point people start asking What happens to all my private information?!?. So, in the following paragraphs we hope to answer all sides of this question and further give an overview on how we use all those information to extend our range of Features and improve the quality of our services.

The data we collect

The question on which information we collect and store is a bit difficult. Of course, there are information we need to provide services, such as an unique account, else we would probably not be able to provide applications like a day-planner, because how would you find your Events when there is only one calendar where everyone can log their events. That would be a mess. So we need an unique Account for a unique person.

Ok. Here you have my firstname and my lastname.
But why do you need my Email adress?
Thats very simple: Imagine you are forgetting your password. How could we prove that it is you trying to reset your password, when we have no way to contact you? Or what, if our system detects suspicious activities on your account? An Email adress simply is a very good way to notify a user on a more secure and personal way.

Now you may ask yourself wherefor we need your date of birth or your gender. On the one hand it is nicer to get adressed personally, for example Birthday Congratulations according to your gender. We want you to feel like talking with a good friend, not a cold system. On the other hand it is good for statistics, maybe we see that predominantly female users visit our site and rearange the layout accordingly. But as you can imagine that is not the only information we store and use for statistics. There also are lots of data we use for security purposes.

Privacy Policies in common

Privacy is very important for us and we do all we can to protect your personal information. The following contains information about the collection and use of personal data when using our website.

Your Account

For an effective usage of this site you will need an User Account, which only can be registered from this site. With this Account you gain access to all of our Applications. Proper disclosure of personal information is required. We reserve the right to block offending Accounts from using our services. You must only create one Account for a unique person. Multiaccount-usage is not allowed and we reserve the right to delete conspicuous accounts. Affected Accounts will be informed in time and have 5 calendar days to refute the allegations. Evidence supporting the uniqueness of a persons account are identitycards, passports, birth certificates and residence permits. Affected accounts will be deactivated immediately, and automatically deleted after 3 months. The final and valid decision to terminate an account is up to us and incontestable. You have no fundamental right to an account. The judicial way is excluded. New accounts obtain limited access to all features and applications. Right after the activation of an account by a support stuff the account gains extended access. Certain premium features are available for purchase.


For the use of our website and services cookies must be enabled. Cookies are small text files, located on your local hard drive, containing information about your account and settings (e.g. Location, Language, Styletheme). Cookies help us to provide personal services. Cookies contain no personally identifiable data.

External Links

Some links on this site redirect to external sites where we have no control on the content and security. These sites may collect their own data, use their own cookies and even store personal data. Some links redirect to sites which may be harmfull, or as old, that they don't even exist anymore. Since the permanent control of contents of these external links is impossible, we assume no responsibility for the content of websites that are beyond our control. If you discover a site with malicious content, you can report them here and we will check its maleficence and remove all links, forwarding to this site.

Changes to the Privacy Policies

By browsing on our site and using our services you automatically accept the privacy policies and terms and conditions. These may change from time to time. If major changes should occur to the Privacy Policy, we will inform you in time. Two weeks after the promulgation of changes, these will be valid, so you have enough time to read them and accept. Within these two weeks, the older provisions are valid.

Unanswered Questions?

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