My career

  • 2018

    Technical University of Darmstadt

    I started studying computer science at the Technical University of Darmstadt.
  • 2019

    Fresenius Nephrocare

    Employed by the company Univativ I worked at Fresenius and helped to build an intranet website.
  • 2020

    SOKA Dach

    Again emplyed by Univativ I worked at SOKA Dach and realised various projects, like a Raspberry Pi based email attachment virus scanner, a Raspberry Pi based mediaserver for the entrance hall and various web projects.
  • 2021


    While still working at SOKA Dach i helped Brandhands on various web projects.
  • 2021


    In July 2021 I started working at Boreus as a Frontend Developer. Here I worked on their monitoring platform BigMoDo.
  • 2024

    WIIT current

    In early 2024 Boreus merged with WIIT. I'm still working on BigMoDo.

My Skills

Over the time I have experimented with many different pieces of tech. Mostly fascinated by programming itself I have tried many different languages and frameworks. Starting with Java in 2011 and soon after moving to web development I have gone back and forth many times. I extended my knowledge with every step along the way. And I will continue to strive to learn new things and improve my skills.

I learned not only how to code, but also how to deploy it and make it publicly available. Renting servers and managing them myself I learned a lot about server management and the Linux operating system. To this day I manage my own infrastructure and host all my projects on my own servers. From Proxmox as a hypervisor for my virtual machines to OPNSense as a firewall, from Apache2 as a ReverseProxy to all of the NodeJS applications I host. My deep understanding of the underlying technologies helps me to quickly identify and fix problems.

Many say you should not reinvent the wheel. I say, that in doing so you can learn way more than in just using the technologies that are already there. Thats why I often build proof-of-concepts that of course do not go into production. But they help me to understand the underlying technologies and to learn new things. It helps me understand the design decisions that were made and compare similar technologies.

Below you can find a list of technologies I have worked with.

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